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Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud

Executive Director(MILE)

Dr. 3M, as he is known to his wide network of business connections, is MILE’s Executive Director and Vice President of Sovila Group, one of MILE’s founding organizations. With a Masters in Business Administration (Mansoura University) and a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences, Regional Sciences, and Transportation Sciences (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. 3M has a presence and excellent reputation in academic as well as executive leadership circles. His past roles include advisor to the mayor of the city of Jeddah, Professor of Management Science at Kuwait University, and advisor to the president of Arab Engineering and Management Consultants.

Ehab Elagaty, MILE Training Program Manager says that “Dr. 3M always strives for the best and doesn't settle for ‘just good.’ He is a great speaker, an inspiration, a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic mentor.”