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MILE at a glance

Aim, Destiny, Journey, KPI


MILE, a CSR Initiative

  • A non-profit institution that aims at building leadership and entrepreneurial excellence in the Arab and Muslim world.
  • Initiated as a Savola Group's CSR Programs and grew to be a collaborative initiative aims to attract the contributions and support of many other companies, academic institutions, research & consulting organizations and professional groups.
  • To be located at the heart of the Muslim & Arab World at Madinah Knowledge Economic City.


Based on the immense leadership deficit in the Arab and Muslim world, our educational and training institutions are unable to contribute towards the development and growth of leadership skills and competencies both at the corporate and government levels. Hence, this new strategic initiative is taken to establish a world-class executive and leadership development institution which aims at bridging this gap.

The initiative aims at building local intellectual capital and is based on a business model that ensures sustainability and provision of high quality, affordable and relevant life-long development opportunities to our future business leaders.

MILE destination (Vision)

To become the premier executive, and entrepreneurship education provider in the Arab and Muslim world to also help succeed leaders in third world nations.

Our journey (Mission)

MILE contributes to executive education and development through effective collaboration, up to date information technology, relevant and holistic life-long developmental services, sustainability, and continuous development of intellectual capital. Our goal is to be a role model in applying the most advanced and ethical management practices.

KPI for 2020

To be ranked among the top 50 Global Executive Education Providers by 2020.


The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) was initiated as a Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Savola Group, and grew into a collaborative initiative aiming to attract contributions and support from many other companies, academic institutions, research and consulting organizations, and professional groups.

MILE is focused on building leadership and entrepreneurial excellence in the Arab and Muslim world. The non-profit organization is building local intellectual capital and leveraging a business model that ensures sustainability and relevant development opportunities to our present and future business leaders. Our programs offer an invaluable opportunity for qualified high performance individuals to expand their leadership skills to a global level.

Our culture and excellence of our programs are fulfilling one of our key objectives:

To establish MILE as a recognized business management role model
for global enterprises and entrepreneurs.




Non-Profit Institute established as a CSR project of Savola Group in collaboration with Knowledge Economic City and Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

Located at:

Madinah Knowledge Economic City

Faculty Composition

  • Professors from top 20 business schools
  • Leaders from global management consulting firms
  • Experienced trainers from global leadership development companies
  • Regional successful leaders


  • 60 participants per program
  • Participants profile: CEO and C-Level Executives

Official Color

Forest Green


Strengthening leadership bench (meaning preparing future leaders in developing countries)

Official sign 

meaning maturity, high learning curve and continuous growth

Program Cost

$ 10,000 for a 2 weeks executive education program including expenses.

Scholarships for each program

  • 4 Young Executive Scholarships for fresh graduates from leading business schools
  • 3 Senior Executive Scholarships for CEO and C-level executives from developing countries

    MILE’s Income

    $ 560,000 per program

    MILE’s Operating Expense

    $ 618,000 per program

    Endowment (Fiscal 2010)

    $ 560,000

    Internal and External Auditors of our CSR Partners

    MILE does not have separate auditors as its still a CSR project which will take its shape and be registered under the formation of Economic Cities Authority, Saudi Arabia. Till then, our book keeping and MILE financial statements are being maintained by our CSR Partners. As soon as MILE is registered under Economic Cities Authority, we will formalize our Corporate Governance and appoint our independent internal and external auditors (from one of the highly reputed accounting firms) for the purpose of maintaining accountability, credibility and transparency.

  • External Auditors of Savola Group is KPMG Saudi Arabia.
  • External Auditors of Knowledge Economic City is PricewaterhouseCoopers Saudi Arabia.
  • External Auditors of Panda Hyper Markets is PricewaterhouseCoopers Saudi Arabia.
  • Internal Auditors of Knowledge Economic City is KPMG Saudi Arabia.

    MILE’s Seal