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Global Academic Committee

Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship's Acadamic Committee are a dedicated group of top professors and executives who drive, challenge, guide and energize our programs. This incredible group of people ranges from top distinguished university business professors, chairmen of top consulting firms, advisors to country Presidents, ex-federal education ministers and more. This multicultural and highly experienced committee truly reflects MILE's value of diversity and openness to synergistic global business collaboration. Their support gives MILE the intellectual power and emotional energy to redefine the way the world approaches executive education. They are:

Top Business Schools

Mr. Frik J Landman
Position: CEO
Organization: USB Executive Development Ltd.
Country: South Africa

Dr. Wasim Azhar
Position: Director of Teaching Excellence
Organization: Haas School of Business Berkeley
Country: United States of America

Dr. Mansour Javidan
Position: Dean of Research & Garvin Distinguished Professor
Organization: Thunderbird Global...
Country: United States of America

Global Management Consulting Firms

Mr. Gassan Al-Kibsi
Position: Managing Partner
Organization: McKinsey & Co.
Country: Saudi Arabia

Mr. Jean-Marie Pean
Position: Chairman (Middle East....)
Organization: Bain & Co.
Country: United Arab Emirates

Dr. Dalia Mujahid
Position: Director (Gallup)
Organization: Gallup Consulting
Country: United States of America

Datuk Dr. Mohd Ghazali
Position: Senior Adjunct
Organization: Consulting Tindakan Strategi Sdn Bhd
Country: Malaysia

Leadership Development Companies

Tommy Weir
Position: Vice President,Leadership...
Country: United Arab Emirates


Non-Profit/ Corporates

Dr. Mustafa Ozel
Position: Chairman
Organization:Foundation for Sciences...
Country: Turkey

Prof. Ahsan Iqbal
Position: Ex-Federal Education Minister
Organization: Government of Pakistan
Country: Pakistan

Dr. Ali Salmi
Position: President
Organization: Arab Management Association
Country: Egypt