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The MILE Advantage

The mile Advantage

Our 7 Strategic Theme

MILE aspires to achieve its vision through building an effective collaborative network; leveraging information technology; offering relevant holistic life-long developmental services; ensuring sustainability and continuous development of intellectual capital; and striving in being a role model in applying the most advanced and ethical management practice.

To achieve collaboration, MILE identified its key stakeholders and developed for each one the main features of a win-win relationship. Figure (2) below illustrates MILE key stakeholders.

Mile intends to make the best use of web technologies and social networking tools to facilitate dialogue among local executives. MILE has already established its presence on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickers, Gmail, Yahoo …etc, to name a few. MILE intends as well to build a state-of-the-art Portal which aims to become the meeting place of our local managers who seek developmental resources and a platform to share and discuss issues of common concern.

One of the distinguishing features of MILE is its capability to offer learning experience which is relevant to our local needs and challenges. MILE has already taken active steps to:

  • Develop local case studies
  • Produce documentary of successful local business leaders
  • Provide guidance to invited speakers on areas of adjustments needed in their training tools and materials to suite our local requirements
  • Develop the skills of local university business professors in offering Executive Education programs

MILE holistic approach to executive education is rooted in the Muslim worldview of human nature. It encompasses the four aspects of the human being; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

In MILE first pilot program, the concept of holistic development was tested and program evaluations have revealed an outstanding satisfaction results. Examples of pilot program design elements at each of the four domains are as follows:


  • Teaching Team: a very well selected team of speakers who represent four different categories:
  • Renowned business university professors
  • Senior Management Consultants
  • Role model successful local business leaders
  • Professional trainers
  • Well selected set of business case studies
  • Pre-event on-line learning style assessment to enable participants to understand their learning style and develop approaches to make the best use of the program to accelerated their learning. This process was supported by MILE Personal Development Advisor who provides personalized coaching
  • On-Line personality profiling
  • One-on-one coaching and Personal Development Planning advice during the program
  • A variety of training techniques: role play, case studies, simulation, lectures, and videos
  • My Strength Mirror: A tool to enable participants to provide positive feedback to each other by highlighting each other's areas of strength.
  • Learning Logs: Each participant was provided with a Learning Log to document the key learning and decisions that he/she intend to execute upon the completion of the program. Speakers allowed time for participants to use the learning log properly


  • Offering healthy food throughout the program which constitutes more fiber and less cholesterol.
  • Dietary advice
  • Medical checkup
  • Early morning aerobic exercises
  • Mid-day stretching exercises.


  • Effective ice breaking at the start to boost start rapport building among the group
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Networking opportunities among the group during breaks and extracurricular activities
  • Gala networking dinners with local business leaders


  • Leading by Islamic values
  • Visits to holy places
  • Speakers allowed time for participants to use the learning log properly

MILE believes that its relation with program participants starts the day they graduate. Developing executive capability is a journey not an event. List Below illustrates some of the support tools that MILE intend to employ to provide life-long development support tour executives.


  • MILE Community Network
  • Alumni Networks
  • Access to consultants/executive education experts/speakers database

Education And Application

  • Executive/Leadership Development
  • Assessment Centre
  • Conferences
  • Benchmarking
  • Best Practices sharing

Web Based Learning

  • Leadership Simulations
  • Research and tools
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Webinars


  • Newsletters
  • Online resources
  • Executive Coaching

MILE aspires to achieve sustainability through several means among which:

  • Proper corporate governance
  • Sound business model based on best use of the endowment fund
  • Forging long term win-win collaborations with multiple stakeholders

MILE aspires to be a role model through employing best management practices and adhering to the highest standards of business ethics.