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leadership and management
leadership and management leadership and management
leadership and management

HR Excellence Sponsors

Linking HR With Business Strategy
Program Speaker
Dr. Jim Cannon
Exploring HR strategy
What is HR strategy? - Exploring key concepts and latest
What are the ingredients in an HR strategy
Linking business planning to workforce planning
The developing organisation of the future
Nine forces shaping the world.
Determining responsibility for HR planning and design
Assessing organisations' talent needs and clarifying strategic priorities
Ensuring our HR strategy is aligned with the organisations'
Historical concepts of design
Talent drivers
A planning framework
Identifying opportunities for adding value
How to deliver significant improvements in key areas
Organisational capability and principles of organisation design
Nine principles of organisation design
Smart working'
Structural choices
Matrix structures
Project organisation
'Team flex'
Systems thinking
Systems thinking
The nine tests of organisational design
Designing an organisation
Using a suggested methodology: Galbraith's Star model:
HR Function Effectiveness
Program Speaker
Dr. Jim Cannon
What are the elements of an effective HR function?
Overview of Ulrich models
Exploring key concepts
5 factors for HR value
Reading the external environment
Stakeholders needs
Lessons learned from organisations' implementation of
Assessing your readiness
Delivering effective HR and the work of the Business Partner
Models of HR delivery
Where should we focus our attention – activities that add
Developing the HR function – comparison of ways of
New challenges for the delivery and management of HR
The capability audit
Building Credibility
Building HR Partnerships with line managers
Ways of working – conversations and problem solving
Some more strategic work to increase credibility – the
experience of one company
Performance management, Culture, Team development,
Talent, Reward
How do we make sure we are effective?
How to develop the effectiveness of HRs
Assessing and identifying the needs
ADeveloping essential capabilities
Options and methods for developing HR Business
Coaching our colleagues
Dr. Jim Cannon
Trainer at
Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Jim Cannon specialises in organisation development and has consulted with organisations in UK, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Jim works as a coach to directors and senior executives, as well as mediating and facilitating events designed to improve the effectiveness of Boards and organisations. He speaks regularly to directors and at conferences, and runs an extensive range of training courses for the CIPD as well as other organisations. He was a visiting lecturer at Geneva University.
Training, education and qualifications
First degree in Behavioural Science, a Masters degree in Manpower studies and a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology
Fellow of two Institutes (CIPD and CMI) and a BPS member
Manpower Society prize-winner
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The program fee is USD 2,099/-