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Why Madinah Knowledge Economic City? | MILE

About Madinah KEC Madinah Knowledge Economic City (KEC) was launched by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in 2006. It is located in the Holy City of Madinah, one of the oldest cities in history and a deeply revered site of the Islamic religion.

KEC is designed to position Saudi Arabia and young Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs as internationally respected leaders, and to attract and develop talent from around the world. It will combine the concepts of Intel Corporation's digital city, Cisco's smart city, and Microsoft's internet frontier, and is expected to attract a population of 150,000, create 20,000 new job opportunities, and accommodate thousands of visitors in world class accommodations.

KEC will provide incubators for Saudi IT and small business entrepreneurs who are looking for a competitive environment to grow their businesses and utilize the skilled female talent pool in Madinah and provide distance working opportunities. It is also intended to create global opportunities and to provide infrastructure and a talent pool that will facilitate a healthy return on investment for investors and companies doing business there.

MILE's location in KEC positions us to take a leading role in the area's development and in promoting KEC to the global business sector.