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List of PALM 2 Scholarship Winners


Salman Siddeeque Ali

Nationality: India
Degree: MBA,
University : Indian Institute of Management
Experience: 7 Years
Career: Branch Director, Universal Business Links India,  

Syed Waqas Ali Burney

Nationality: Pakistan
Degree: MBA,
University : Lahore University of Management Sciences
Experience: 7 Years
Career: Software Engineer, Techlogix, Lahore, Pakistan  

Hesham Ahmed Foad Diab

Nationality: Egypt
Degree: MBA
University : American University in Cairo
Experience: 9 Years
Career: Strategic Account Technical Manager, Mentor Graphics, Cairo  

Imam Buchari

Nationality: Indonesia
Degree: MBA
University : International Islamic University of Malaysia
Experience: 8 Years
Career: Lecturer in Islamic Banking and Finance, University College of Bahrain  

Omar Hamad Al-Madhi

Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Degree: MBA
University : MIT & U. of Pennsylvania. USA
Experience: 6 Years
Career: Vice President, Economic Cities Authority, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

Ayman Yousef Mansi

Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Degree: MBA
University : Columbia University
Experience: 1 Years
Career: Islamic Investment & Market Research, Calyx Financial

David Wesley Mitchell

Nationality: United States
Degree: MBA
University : Indiana University, United States
Experience: 5 Years
Career: Marketing & Sales Manager, Gourmet Kingdom

Kelvin Zhen Cheng

Nationality: China
Degree: MBA
University : Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management
Experience: 5 Years
Career: Vice President, Waverly Capital, New York

Ahmed Magdy Elkady

Nationality: Canada
Degree: MBA
University : Cape Breton University
Experience: 6 Years
Career: Business Development Manager, CanWell Education Consultant, Cairo