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Workshop On Balanced Score Card/KPIs, Organized by Planning Division Of Pakistan And Conducted By Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Mahmood, MILE's CEO

Madinah, Saudi Arabia – May 6, 2014. The CEO of MILE, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Mahmood (3M) recently visited Pakistan on the invitation of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Pakistan. The tour was organized by the Planning Division of Pakistan in collaboration with United Nations Develeopment Programme (UNDP) to conduct a workshop on Balanced Score Card/KPIs for the Vision Pakistan, 2025 led launched and run by Planning Commission of Pakistan.

The workshop was presided by the Minister for Planning and Development, Dr. Ahsan Iqbal at the headquarters of Planning Division of Pakistan in Islamabad. All the chief secretaries of Pakistan reporting directly to cabinet ministers as well as some 40 high level senior public servants from different governmental departments, also attended this one day interactive workshop.

The main purpose of conducting this workshop was to formulize a comprehensive strategy to set the right targets and evaluate the performance of various governmental functionaries and employees t that are involved in the Vision Pakistan, 2025. Dr. 3M, in his inaugurating remarks said, "A project or vision could only succeed if the higher authorities manage to set the right and achieveable goals, and then devise effective strategies to check the performance of the project(s)." With respect to this, Dr. 3M also gave a detailed and comprehensive lecture about how Pakistan Government and concerned departments can make their Vision Pakistan, 2025 a reality for its citizens to remain engaged with the development of Pakistan.

He explained various aspects of goals settings and performance evaluation to the participants with the help of real time scenarios and case studies. Similarly, attendees ere also given the opportunity to fully participate in simulations, group exercises and express their ideas and concerns about Vision Pakistan, 2025 and how to successfully implement those ideas and overcome the fears.

Moreover, Dr. Mustafa also conducted interactive discussion sessions with all the participants that helped them greatly to share their experience and ideas with him and in turn, polish their skills and enhance their experience. The biggest goal of organizing this workshop was to enable possible future leaders of Pakistan to equip themselves with latest techniques and methods that will help them, both in short and long term goals to work for the betterment and welfare of Pakistan by making Vision Pakistan, 2025 achieve its ultimate targets.

Concluding, it was a highly successful event and the participants learned a lot from the valued speaker in current leadership techniques and best practices in vogue. According to Dr. Ahsan Iqbal, the success of this particular event has prompted the need of similar events to be organized on regular basis in future in order to keep a constant check on performance of Vision Pakistan, 2025.


MILE's CEO Emphasized On Importance Of Abridging Leadership Deficit In Muslim World During His Visit Top Pakistani Universities

Madinah, Saudi Arabia – May 6, 2014. Dr. Muhammad Moustafa Mahmoud (3M), CEO of MILE was in Pakistan during the last week to conduct a workshop on Balanced Score Card/KPIs, organized by the Planning Commission of Pakistan sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Dr. Ahsan Iqbal, the Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Pakistan presided this interactive workshop.

During his stay, Dr. 3M also visited some of the best universities of Pakistan in the likes of National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi and Lahore University of Management & Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. He also had discussion and conversation sessions with top class academic professionals who are running these Universities and institutions such as Dr. Sohail Naqvi and Dr. Arif Butt, the Vice Chancellor of LUMS and Dean of LUMS Business School respectively. Other prominent educationists he interacted included Rector of NUST, Engr Muhammad Asghar and Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director of IBA.

The main purpose of visiting these renowned and prestigious educational institutes was to seek a high level collaboration in terms of knowledge sharing, establishing joint educational repositories, exploring the possibility of streaming video lectures delivered by some of the biggest name in the fields of leadership development, and to engage local subject experts in conducting live webinars utilizing MILE's infrastructure on executive education and leadership development. Similarly, the aim of these meeting with higher authorities of these institutions was to convince them to produce joint research publications, document professional and constructive case studies of regional success stories in order to encourage other aspiring and promising business leaders to work hard to attain their goals.

Dr. 3M also had interactive discussion sessions with the students of these universities and was highly impressed by the knowledge they possess and the potential they have to become successful future leaders and executives. The CEO of MILE was convinced that these students have the ability to eliminate leadership deficit that is preventing the Muslim world to develop and keep abreast itself with the best practices of rest of the world.

These high level meetings are expected to earn rich dividends as all the stakeholders involved have agreed to signMOUs in order to ensure future cooperation in all the above mentioned areas of specialty. Overall, Dr.3M, by visiting these educational institutions, has tried to emphasize on the importance of the executive education and the need to overcome the leadership deficit in the Muslim world. It was an attempt on his part to develop a framework that will enable different well known centers of executive education in Muslim countries to work together in order to attain a common goal.


MILE Sponsored the 1st Regional ASTD in the Middle East with Active Exhibition Participation; Revealing the 2013 Flagship Leadership Programs


(Jeddah - Jan 23rd, 2013) Madinah Institute For Leadership & Entrepreneurship (MILE) has successfully participated at The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) MENA Conference & Exhibition held at Hilton Jeddah during the period of ( 13th -15th January 2013 ) as a sponsor.

This year theme was “Enabling Excellence in Human Capital Development”. As a responsive step toward the announced theme - MILE has revealed a bunch-set of its 2013 flagship leadership programs and demonstrated the latest designed features and topics covered.  The 2013 calendar offers high quality programs to meet the stunning need for both the MENA and OIC countries; this includes High Performance Islamic Finance (HPIF), Leadership Program for High Performance Healthcare Organizations (HPHO), the 5th Program for Advanced Leadership & Management (PALM5), plus other MILE successor programs.

“MILE methodology in delivering just-to-fit specialized leadership programs; have been designed in high quality and delivered by numerous internationally recognized speakers, consultants and trainers is a key factor in successes achieved so far. We are proud to enrich the leadership building capacity within the region” said Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Mahmoud, MILE CEO.

MILE aims to be the central hub of the leadership and entrepreneurship executive education of the MENA and OIC countries; providing the top-notch executive education programs offered by top schools’ professors and competing even in quality.

“The program design process is unique, we have certain set of quality assurance to enable the leadership application, increase corporate productivity and address decision makers’ challenges and needs. It is a combined unique experience rather than knowledge transfer sessions.” Said Sayed Belal Hyder - Director, Executive Education Programs.

MILE programs are being delivered and attended by speakers and executives from 25+ countries and more than 22 top business schools worldwide with continues online free webinars to maximize the the outreach of knowledge publicity and  transfer.



Dr. Mohammed Moustafa Mahmoud,to participate at the 4th Annual Managing Local Talent 2012 event in Doha, Qatar

Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entreprenuership’sCEO, Dr. Mohammed Moustafa Mahmoud,to participate at the 4th Annual Managing Local Talent 2012 event in Doha, Qatar as a guest speaker in the “Meet Your Expert Speaker Panel”

Dr. Mahmoud will be attending the event as an advisor to the Saudi Ministry of Labour. His presentation will be covering some very important topics including, the leadership deficit gap in the Middle East and how companies can ensure sustainability.

He is planning on providing the attendees with an integrated framework for leadership development and how to effectively use information and communication technology. The presentation will be concluded with some tips on building and sustaining effective partnerships.

According to JumanaMashraqui, Senior Conference Producer, “Dr. Mahmoud’s expertise on the subject will definitely help to keep the attendees engaged and excited.”

The conference will take place from October 1 – 3 2012 with the theme of Realizing the National Vision, Unveiling Incalculable Potential in National Talent. It is an effort to reinforce nationalization efforts which remain an integral part of reforms in the GCC where eachgovernment is trying hard to cope-up with its population of unemployednationals.


In its 4th successful year, 4th Annual Managing Local Talent promises to provide an unprecedented platform for thought provoking case studies, fast hand experiences through presentations unflinching panel discussions and interactive post event workshops.


Royal Decree appoints advisor: Dr. Ali Q Jawad has joined the Royal Court of Oman


The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) is proud to announce that Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad al Lawati has been appointed as an advisor of studies and researches at the Diwan of the Royal Court with a special grade through Royal Decree No 47/2012 by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad al Lawati is an active member of MILE’s Global Academic Advisory Council, sharing and implementing MILE’s vision to become an epicenter for the development of our region’s talent pool and the establishment of Saudi Arabia as a knowledge-based economy.

MILE is backed by an elite group of 26 masterminds, including Dr. Al Lawati, who advise, consult and ensure that the programs we offer are exactly what executives need. This multicultural and highly experienced committee truly reflects MILE's value of diversity and openness to synergistic global business collaboration.

As a member of our team, Dr. Al Lawatiwas a key participant in MILE’s HPG program in September 2011 where he presented on the topic of Smart Transformation in Governmentthrough a presentation called “Leadership Development - Leading Smart Transformation”. It can be viewed through the following link;

During this first HPG program, MILE collaborated with Dr. Al Lawati to promote his book as part of our knowledge sharing effort through a book signing ceremony. He is the co-author of "Leading Smart Transformation: A roadmap for world class government" published by Palgrave Macmillan in March 2011.The book covers information that greatly benefits CEOs, executives and high ranking government officials in our current times of turbulence. Al Lawati provides powerful insights into what it takes for leaders to create efficient and successful governments.

In our continuous effort to bring top professors from top business schools around the globe along with CEOs from the most successful businesses in the Middle East, and consultants from the leading consulting companies bringing the latest research and case-studies and leading trainers from the strongest training institutes, MILE has invited Dr. Al Lawati to participate in our next HPG program.

Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad al Lawatiwill be contributingto MILE’s HPG 2 program, by presenting a case study on the Transformational Challenges in Government. The second HPG program will have the theme; Leadership Programs on High Performance Government and will be taking place 23 – 29 November 2012 in Medinah, KSA. For more information on the program and for registration to the program, click on the following link: .

With 379 executives from 25 different countries, and 109 speakers of 15 nationalities MILE is keen on ensuring that our team of qualified experts are devoted to developing the training programs that best suit the need of executives.

MILE provides a full and rich learning experience with follow-up and consulting after the program, webinars, case-studies, online surveys, assessments and books. For an individual to grow they must develop not just mentally, but also physically, spiritually andsocially. Our programs integrate all these realms through healthy food and exercise (physical), executive gala dinners and couching (social) and Islamic book fairs and site seeing (spirtual).


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