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Workshop On Balanced Score Card/KPIs, Organized by Planning Division Of Pakistan And Conducted By Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Mahmood, MILE's CEO

Madinah, Saudi Arabia – May 6, 2014. The CEO of MILE, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Mahmood (3M) recently visited Pakistan on the invitation of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Pakistan. The tour was organized by the Planning Division of Pakistan in collaboration with United Nations Develeopment Programme (UNDP) to conduct a workshop on Balanced Score Card/KPIs for the Vision Pakistan, 2025 led launched and run by Planning Commission of Pakistan.

The workshop was presided by the Minister for Planning and Development, Dr. Ahsan Iqbal at the headquarters of Planning Division of Pakistan in Islamabad. All the chief secretaries of Pakistan reporting directly to cabinet ministers as well as some 40 high level senior public servants from different governmental departments, also attended this one day interactive workshop.

The main purpose of conducting this workshop was to formulize a comprehensive strategy to set the right targets and evaluate the performance of various governmental functionaries and employees t that are involved in the Vision Pakistan, 2025. Dr. 3M, in his inaugurating remarks said, "A project or vision could only succeed if the higher authorities manage to set the right and achieveable goals, and then devise effective strategies to check the performance of the project(s)." With respect to this, Dr. 3M also gave a detailed and comprehensive lecture about how Pakistan Government and concerned departments can make their Vision Pakistan, 2025 a reality for its citizens to remain engaged with the development of Pakistan.

He explained various aspects of goals settings and performance evaluation to the participants with the help of real time scenarios and case studies. Similarly, attendees ere also given the opportunity to fully participate in simulations, group exercises and express their ideas and concerns about Vision Pakistan, 2025 and how to successfully implement those ideas and overcome the fears.

Moreover, Dr. Mustafa also conducted interactive discussion sessions with all the participants that helped them greatly to share their experience and ideas with him and in turn, polish their skills and enhance their experience. The biggest goal of organizing this workshop was to enable possible future leaders of Pakistan to equip themselves with latest techniques and methods that will help them, both in short and long term goals to work for the betterment and welfare of Pakistan by making Vision Pakistan, 2025 achieve its ultimate targets.

Concluding, it was a highly successful event and the participants learned a lot from the valued speaker in current leadership techniques and best practices in vogue. According to Dr. Ahsan Iqbal, the success of this particular event has prompted the need of similar events to be organized on regular basis in future in order to keep a constant check on performance of Vision Pakistan, 2025.