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Program Coordinator

Omar Kahled

Program Fee

Full Program
US$ 13,500
Conference Day
US$ 850

Program For Advanced Leadership & Management (PALM 5) Application

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 Program Fees  

The program investment is US$ 13,500 - almost 35% of comparable program fees - .This fee is subsidized by Knowledge Economic City and is inclusive of registration fees, all lunch, coffee breaks and accommodation, in addition to the extended benefits mentioned in the program flyer.

  Who will cover the Program Fees? *  
     Myself (Self Finance)  
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In accordance with MILE policy, MILE does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, or disability in admission to, access to, its programs and activities. All notification of cancelation must be sent in writing to MILE. Due to the cost incurred for program preparation and the time required to issue visa for KSA for replacement, the following refused policy applies:

  1. More than 30 days notice - 75% refund,
  2. 14 to 30 days notice - 50% refund,
  3. Less than 14 day notice - 25% refund.

 I have filled this application form to the best of my knowledge and I declare that the statements made in this application are true.  

PALM 5 program concluded on May 30th 2013. Stay tuned for the announcement of PALM 6.