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  • good governance
  • executive coaching
  • telecom training

Leadership Development

Have you found yourself thrusted into a leadership position?  You were once the star employee and now you have professionally leaped into a position of leadership development that will influence everyone around you.  How does this “leap” affect you and your work?

Great leaders are expected to move into these roles while influencing the direction of their company.  Before successfully conquering this move, you must first understand the difference between a star employee and a leader.

Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship runs various leadership programs for executives through out the year. These programs, along with serving the purpose of executive education,  provide senior executives an insight and learning through business coaching by world's renowned speakers who come from top academic universities and global consulting firms to Madinah to conduct these exectuvie sessions from MILE's platform.

Both the public and corporate sector is a dynamic and complex environment where there is a continuing demand for the skills and expertise to drive greater effectiveness, innovation and efficiency. Today's corporate and public sector challenges demand strategic, responsible and ethical executive leadership. Our Leadership Development Programs offers the latest management concepts and tools, focused on transforming senior executives into thought leaders. Participants leave with a broader vision of success and the resources and knowledge necessary to make the tough decisions required to succeed in today's global economy. The program combines top quality content, world-class faculty, and live regional case studies.

Through participation in these programs, participants will be able to attain the following outcomes:-

  • Broader insight of up-to-date corporate and public sector fundamentals.
  • Develop keen understanding of value creation in corporate and public sector environment.
  • Increased confidence to make better, more informed decisions at a national level.
  • Develop quality improvements initiative for tangible results.
  • Learn how to design, develop, and deploy high performance accountable services.
  • Identify, evaluate, and disseminate best practices for information technology issues.
  • Develop a leadership philosophy that is keeping with your values, expectations of your team, and your most critical leadership objectives.
  • Use your emotions more intelligently for successful interpersonal relationships and greater productivity from your team.
  • Create an increasingly interoperable, responsive and cost effective governance by bridging the gap between strategy and mission success.
  • International peer group network to benchmark skills and experiences.
  • Enhanced leadership skills, increased confidence and self-awareness.
  • Learn more from the general trends, benchmarks and global best practices from high performance corpoates and governments of growing economies.
  • Learn more from the regional successful role models who have been managing transformation and in a rapid changing envirnoments.