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Program Coordinator

Ahmed Mahmoud

High Performance Governments

 Organization Data 
Which of the following best describes the sector in which you work? (kindly check the appropriate answer)
Academic International Organization
Military Non-profit/NGO
Private/Corporate State/Provincial Government
Local/Municipal/County Government National Central Government
Other (please specify)
Company/Organisation Name *
Division/Department *
Title/Position *
Number of Employees
How many employees under your direct supervision?
How many people report to you indirectly?
Number of reporting levels above you, the applicant, up to and including the chief executive officer of the parent company?
What is the title of the person to whom you report?
What are your responsibilities at your current position?
Annual Compensation including Bonus?
What function best describes your position/job type (e.g. advisor, chairman, director, executive director, general manager, Intermediate director, Investor, Partner, Principal Owner, etc.)
Please estimate total number of years of professional experience:
Please describe your current level in the organization:          

HPG 2 program concluded on November 29th 2012. Stay tuned for the announcement of HPG 3.