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Program Coordinator

Wasfi Waqfi

telecom training

High Performance Telecom Application

 Additional Credentials 

Try answering the following questions at least in one sentence.

  1. Scholarships & Professional Achievements    
  Please list any top 5 achievements including scholarships, prizes or honors awarded or/and demonstrated high performance in achieving your organizational goals.  
  2. Additional Appointments    
  Please list any additional appointments you currently hold / previously held (i.e. if you sit on the Board of any other organizations, charities or institutions).  
  3. Professional Associations    
  Please list any professional associations of which you are a member  
  4. Have you attended any executive education program?  
  Please provide information about the institute, program and year you attended.  

HPT1 program concluded on March 8th 2012. Stay tuned for the announcement of HPT 2.