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Royal Decree appoints advisor: Dr. Ali Q Jawad has joined the Royal Court of Oman


The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) is proud to announce that Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad al Lawati has been appointed as an advisor of studies and researches at the Diwan of the Royal Court with a special grade through Royal Decree No 47/2012 by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad al Lawati is an active member of MILE’s Global Academic Advisory Council, sharing and implementing MILE’s vision to become an epicenter for the development of our region’s talent pool and the establishment of Saudi Arabia as a knowledge-based economy.

MILE is backed by an elite group of 26 masterminds, including Dr. Al Lawati, who advise, consult and ensure that the programs we offer are exactly what executives need. This multicultural and highly experienced committee truly reflects MILE's value of diversity and openness to synergistic global business collaboration.

As a member of our team, Dr. Al Lawatiwas a key participant in MILE’s HPG program in September 2011 where he presented on the topic of Smart Transformation in Governmentthrough a presentation called “Leadership Development - Leading Smart Transformation”. It can be viewed through the following link;

During this first HPG program, MILE collaborated with Dr. Al Lawati to promote his book as part of our knowledge sharing effort through a book signing ceremony. He is the co-author of "Leading Smart Transformation: A roadmap for world class government" published by Palgrave Macmillan in March 2011.The book covers information that greatly benefits CEOs, executives and high ranking government officials in our current times of turbulence. Al Lawati provides powerful insights into what it takes for leaders to create efficient and successful governments.

In our continuous effort to bring top professors from top business schools around the globe along with CEOs from the most successful businesses in the Middle East, and consultants from the leading consulting companies bringing the latest research and case-studies and leading trainers from the strongest training institutes, MILE has invited Dr. Al Lawati to participate in our next HPG program.

Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad al Lawatiwill be contributingto MILE’s HPG 2 program, by presenting a case study on the Transformational Challenges in Government. The second HPG program will have the theme; Leadership Programs on High Performance Government and will be taking place 23 – 29 November 2012 in Medinah, KSA. For more information on the program and for registration to the program, click on the following link: .

With 379 executives from 25 different countries, and 109 speakers of 15 nationalities MILE is keen on ensuring that our team of qualified experts are devoted to developing the training programs that best suit the need of executives.

MILE provides a full and rich learning experience with follow-up and consulting after the program, webinars, case-studies, online surveys, assessments and books. For an individual to grow they must develop not just mentally, but also physically, spiritually andsocially. Our programs integrate all these realms through healthy food and exercise (physical), executive gala dinners and couching (social) and Islamic book fairs and site seeing (spirtual).