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Meet the Business Leaders in Madinah Conference
at the conclusion of the PALM5 program
Thursday 30th May, 2013 - Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Conference Overview:

"Adaptive leadership" is nothing more than an industry buzz-phrase, unless it saves time, cost, or labor, or it improves quality, enables growth, or develops a new competitive advantage. How can you develop yourself to become a leader who can create opportunities, envision and navigate change, accommodate ambiguity, surmount complexity, and motivate teams in a common purpose to grow organizations and create economic and social value?

Our "Meet the Leaders" Summit is a unique event which allows you to meet and rub shoulders with successful CEOs from OIC member countries who have demonstrated continual success in running their businesses in today's competitive world. During the conference, the speakers will share with the attendees the latest developments in global best practices, thought leadership, and key success strategies.

The conference is a one-day, one-of-a-kind event for current and aspiring leaders from the region. The format of the conference is designed to allow panel discussions which will give opportunity for participants to engage with one another and communicate with our respected guest speakers. Whether you are seeking to advance your knowledge, hunt high performance talent, or network with influential executives, the conference provides a great opportunity to connect with top decisions makers to learn from their knowledge and experiences.

Conference Speakers:
H.E Dr. Tawafiq Al Rabiah

Saudi Minister of Commerce and Industry
Mr. Haluk Dortluoğlu

Executive Committee Member and CFO, BİM
Mr. Rami Abu Ghazaleh

Chief Executive Officer, Albaik
Dr. Walid Fitaihi

Founder & CEO, IMC, KSA
Mr. Zaid Mohseni

Director, Moby Group
Dr. William P Kittredge

President Cervelet Consulting
Mr. Rafi-Uddin Shikoh

Dinar Standard
Mr. Murat BAS

Vice President Marketing & Sales, Turkish Airline
Why to Attend?
  • Learn the latest trends on the leadership best practices from the world's top-notch leaders.
  • Explore the business management workable tools with just-to-fit solutions.
  • Find answers to all your questions, challenges and business pains.
  • Understand how market leaders are stunningly leading internationally, regionally and locally.
  • Networking like never before with business leaders and decision makers.
  • Knowledge share among other similar workgroups and across various.
  • Key case studies from Financial Services, Travel & Logistics, Food Industry, Management Consulting, Health Industry, Marketing & Media, Retail Sector and many others.
  • Learn about the corporate competiveness trends across the OIC markets benchmarked to global brands.
  • Unique platform to explore investment opportunities.
  • Meet the Business Leaders Live and in person.
Our Sponsors:
Conference Fee: US $ 850
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