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Name:Mr. Ali Ulker
Position: Chairman, Ulker, Turkey
Country: Turkey

After studying at the Economics and Business Management Departments, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Bo¤aziçi University, Ali Ülker attended various academic programs at IMD, Harvard and Wharton. Mr. Ülker took part in De Boccard & Yorke consultancy company's Internal Kaizen Study (1992) and IESC Sales System Improvement and Company Internal Organization Project (1997). He began his business career in 1985 as a trainee at the Quality Control Department of Ülker G?da A.? He served as a trainee, Sales Executive, Sales Coordinator, Product Group Coordinator and Product Group Manager in 1986–1998 at the chocolate production facilities and Atlas G?da Pazarlama A.?.

He served as the General Manager of Atlas G?da Pazarlama A.?. in 1998, the Vice-Chairman of the Consumer Group for Marketing and Chainstores in 2000, and the General Manager of Merkez G?da Pazarlama A.?. in 2001. Mr. Ülker was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Food Group in 2002. In 2005, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Ülker (Biscuit, Chocolate, Candy) Group. He is married, with three children, and speaks English and German. His hobbies include fishing, going to the cinema, reading books, and playing basketball and billiards.