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Name:Tommy Weir
Position: Vice President,Leadership...
Country: United Arab Emirates

Leadership expert, Dr. Tommy Weir is a renowned speaker, advisor, and author on the subject of strategic leadership development. Regarded as an authority on leadership in fast growth and emerging markets, Dr. Tommy, has rare insights through working with over 2,000 CEOs and business leaders from around the world, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to newly established corporations in Asia and Middle East.

Dr. Tommy has had a rich history of leadership development experience with over 12 years in the GCC/Middle East. Currently, he serves as the Vice President of Leadership Solutions at Kenexa, where he advises governments and corporations on strategic and future-oriented leadership. In his previous position at Nakheel in Dubai, Dr. Tommy spearheaded the creation of an innovative and award-winning leadership program that was as unique as the company's explosive growth. Additionally, he played an instrumental role in the diverse multicultural environment (with over 80 nationalities working together in one location).