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The principles of Islamic Finance have received renewed attention during the most profound economic crisis in recent memory. Islamic Finance is one of the fastest growing segments of the financial services industry, growing at an annual rate of 15 percent. Interest in the underlying principles of Islamic Finance and the opportunities it offers is at an all-time high because of the resilience it showed during the recent downturn. With investments surpassing the $1 trillion mark, Islamic Finance represents an enormous potential for businesses.

With Islamic Financial institutions becoming a mainstream part of the global financial architecture it is vital that regulators, policymakers and financial services professionals are ahead of their game and have the skills and tools to stay competitive in this growing market. MILE has been studying the science of Islamic Finance and is bringing together selected Islamic Finance thought-leaders from around the globe who will give you the real-world strategies in a compacted 6-day program which will accelerate your professional development and help you to make a measurable impact on your company or organization.

This exciting new program will include world-renowned subject matter experts from Harvard, IE Business School, University of Toronto, University of New Orleans, King Abdul Aziz University, International Monetory Fund and Industry Leaders, Scholars, CEOs from Muamalaat Bank, CIMB Bank, Sumitomo Mutsui Banking Corp., Expolanka Holdings Plc., Islamic Development Bank, Alinma Bank, World Bank and CIMA Global.

The HPIF Characteristics
  • Interactive sessions presented and moderated by international and regional Islamic banking industry leaders, consultants and recognized figures

  • Supported by case studies, simulation-games, facts and well studied models

  • Ideal utilization for gathered data and details

  • Local adoption for next-minute action with customized content
Extended Benefits
  • Free webinars; pre & post program
  • One-to-One psychometric assessment & coaching by TalentQ
  • Complimentary Umrah [applies to international participants]
  • Madinah Field Trips & Islamic History Museum
  • Networking with decision makers & subject experts
  • Free Medical Check-up
  • 20% discount to enroll in Ethica's Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFETM) and the Advanced CIFETM in Islamic Accounting Programs.
  • 7 Day Free Islamic Banking Course from Ethica
  • Ethica's new 2013 Handbook of Islamic Finance
Conference Speakers
Dr. A. Riawan Amin
Former CEO, Muamalaat Bank Indonesia
Mr. Salman Syed Ali
Head of Islamic Research & Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank, KSA
Mr. Badlisyah Abdul Ghani
CEO & Head Group, CIMB, Islamic Bank
Mr. John A. Sandwick
Manager, Safa Investment Services
Mr. Walid Sarieddine
Assistant GM & Head of Islamic Finance, Sumitomo Mutsui Banking Corp. Europe Ltd.
Dr. Zamir Iqbal
Principal Financial Officer, World Bank
Mr. Osman Kassim
Chairman, Amana Bank, Sri Lanka
Mr. Omar Kalair
President and CEO, UM Financial Group
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Islamic Finance

Program Speakers

Islamic Finance
Dr. Walid Hejazi
Professor, Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto
Islamic Finance
Dr. Alexander Van De Putte
IE Business School, Spain
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MILE Quick Facts
  • 379 executives from 25 countries
  • 109 speakers from 15 countries
  • 1,200 executives attending webinars
  • 50,000 youtube views
  • 30,000 linkedin members
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